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Hello and welcome to the new webpage of barking broom, the business home of green woodwork and sustainable woodland management. 

Barking broom is located in west Norfolk, on the edge of the Norfolk Brecklands, nestled between Thetford Forest and the fens. This beautifully 
rich and diverse landscape is the inspiration behind all of what we do.

We design and create a wide array of handmade craft products and these range from birch besoms and riven oak and ash gates in the garden through to furniture and kitchenware in the home. We are always expanding our repertoire and we often design products in response to or inspired by customer queries. One such example is the 
excellent Norfolk trasket, a popular marriage of trug and basket. 

One of the reasons we are so fond of our products is because much of what we make we actually cut in local woods and forests. Most of our material is derived from coppice woodland which means that the trees naturally regrow once cut and this creates an amazingly diverse wildlife habitat. Some of the woods we work have been managed as coppice for many hundreds of years and it is a privilege and a pleasure to work them. This in our opinion imbues our products with an identity and a story to tell. We are always happy to chat about the provenance of an item. We sell all our products directly to the customer through farmers markets and craft fairs. In the future we shall look at selling online too but for us there is a real thrill in selling face to face.

Whilst we make all manner of wooden items we specialise in what is called green woodwork. In essence we work the wood whilst it is still fresh, hence the term green. The moisture in the wood acts as a lubricant and makes it easier to work compared with seasoned timbers and consequently less effort is required. As an example all turned parts of products made by barking broom are produced on a pole lathe. This is entirely human powered and therefore does not contribute to greenhouse gases or global climate change. A major benefit of using a pole lathe as opposed to an electric lathe is that there is no noisy machinery and no toxic wood dust to inhale. Instead pole lathe turning allows you to listen to the birds or the afternoon play on the radio! Once you have used a pole lathe you will wonder what the industrial revolution was all about. 

In addition to making things we also help manage woodlands on behalf of other people. If you have a piece of woodland, large or small, we can help you to manage it sensitively and sustainably. We plan, plant, fell and fence to help you get the most out of your woodland. Give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

In the new year we will be running greenwood courses for people wanting to try the craft. It is suitable for anyone whether they are
 experienced in conventional woodwork or are complete novices. We envisage offering half, one and three day courses to begin with, all with the bonus of being able to take something handmade home with you at the end. So if you are interested drop us a line and we'll send you further details. In the meantime, thank you for reading this and check back soon for pictures and more updates.  

Jonathan Ives 

Barking Broom

Upcoming dates: 

Swaffham Farmers Market on the third Sunday of every month from 10am - 3pm. Food, drink, arts, crafts and music. Great fun!



Demonstrating gate hurdle making in the Princes Pavilion (on behalf of The Heritage Crafts Association) at the Ideal Home Show at Earls Court Olympia on the 19th, 20th, 21st March and 1st April.